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Compression Top Package

Compression (LS) Top Package

For Compression Top Size Down! 

If you normally wear a size XL Shirt- Then order a Large Shirt. 

If you normally wear a Size Large Shirt - Then order a Medium. 

This is to ensure you get the best compression! 

Advise wrap hot/cold pack in small hand towel for snugness & protection from intense heat.

Breathable Compression Long Sleeve Shirts 

-Strong Quick Dry Tops Made from fabric composition by 85% polyester + 15% spandex. Fabric weight is approx. 180GSM Incorporates 3 Pockets.

Compression Top+Gel Pack reg. $34.98 

Pre- order Sale $19.98

*Promo Item One Insulated Bag 

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IP WarmSuit Package

IP Warmsuit


7TILL8 Custom Tailored Wetsuits Made From 100% Japanese Limestone. Yamamoto Neoprene Premium Light Weight Rubber. Standard 3/2 Back-Zip wetsuit incorporates five pockets. 

Package IP WarmSuit +2 Gel Packs $199 

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